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About Us

A global hub for legal tech

Copenhagen Legal Tech is a non-profit association made to develop Denmark as a leading hub for legal tech globally. We aim to make legal tech into a Danish growth adventure by supporting and catalyzing the next era of technology-led law firm, corporate and startup innovation.

The legal sector is in the middle of a technological revolution. New initiatives emerge every day; new startups launching new products, law firms developing new service models all over the world. Thanks to our blooming tech industry and a solid legal sector that has secured Denmark’s reputation as trustworthy partner, Denmark has a unique opportunity to become a global hub for legal tech and innovation.

Inspired by Copenhagen FinTech

The Danish legal tech ecosystem resembles the budding Danish fintech environment that emerged in Copenhagen a few years ago. Today, it’s a global powerhouse that has put Denmark on the map and developed into a real centre for growth evolving around Danish companies.

In this process, Copenhagen FinTech has played a crucial role in bringing the industry together. Copenhagen Legal Tech shares this vision. We are made to make Danish legal tech into a Danish export success of the same scale as Danish fintech. And we will do it by promoting Danish legal tech initiatives and bringing the industry together under one umbrella.

Members and Partners

Jens BangLiebst

“There is a massive digital paradigm shift in the legal sector these years – and Danish firms are on the forefront of innovation. Let’s do everything we can to stay in front and leverage modern technologies to build better legal products and offer better legal services.”

Jens Bang Liebst,

Lawyer and Partner in Aumento

Niels Martin Brochner

"We have all the prerequisites success: a digital culture, an innovative spirit, a flair for design and a reputation for respecting regulation and doing things right. That makes Denmark an obvious candidate to be a centre for legal tech and innovation globally.”

Niels Martin Brøchner,

CEO in Contractbook

Paul Mollerup

“In order to remain competitive we need the Danish legal industry to come together and use our combined efforts and expertise to develop solutions, mature the market and explore opportunities that improve access to justice and respect the rule of law,”

Paul Mollerup,

Director in Danske Advokater

“Copenhagen Legal Tech is a fantastic space where we get help to develop our product and we, on the other hand, can lead the way for a more digitized legal industry.”

Christian Hjortshøj

Co-founder, in Juristic

Dorte Carlsson

“The legal industry must make room for innovation to attract and retain the next generation of legal practitioners. Acces to a creative hub, where legal minds can meet up with technical expertise and business developers are paramount.”

Dorte Carlsson

Partner, DCign

Danse Advokater
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Partner up with Copenhagen Legal Tech

Copenhagen Legal Tech offers three kinds of parnerships for those who want to join the movement and be an essential part of shaping Danish legal tech.

Key Partners

Key Partners

Key Partners are law firms, companies, organisations and investors and anyone who wants to work closely with the Danish legal tech ecosystem and actively participate in shaping it. Get access to events, mentorship programmes, accellerators, content and much more.

Sponsor Partners

Sponsor Partners

Companies can get access to the activities of Copenhagen Legal Tech through sponsorships. Get access to all the people and companies that are actively shaping Danish legal tech.



Members are for entrepreneurs and startups developing new legal tech solutions. They will get access to expert content, feedback sessions, business advice and much more. Students with a special interest in legal tech are also welcome as free members of Copenhagen Legal Tech.

Fresh Mentors

The Fresh Mentors network consists of business profiles who have skills in key business areas. Get advice from experienced experts within:

  • Sales, marketing and go-to-market strategies.
  • Product development, technologies and design.
  • Fundraising and finance.
  • Test and validation of your products.

Beta Heroes

The best way to get to know how an engine works is to get under the hood. An opportunity to get direct product feedback from qualified users. A bridge between legal professionals and the legal tech products. A Win-Win.

  • Access to direct product feedback or legal tech solutions
  • Direct collaboration between professionals and start-ups
  • Test and validation of your products or markets

First Tuesdays

The pulse of the Legal Tech community. As member of the Copenhagen Legal Tech community, you will be invited to be part of our First Tuesdays.

  • Get introductions to new legal tech initiatives
  • Network with legal professionals and like-minded legal tech entrepreneurs
  • Insights into new trends in the ecosystem

Legal Tech Boot Camp

The Legal Tech Boot Camp will equip the participants with skills and a foundational understanding of legal tech that will allow them to

  • Become better at using available solutions
  • Evaluate and actively participate in development or implementation of Legal Tech solutions
  • Understand current and future technology concepts and apply them to their work


We frequently organize hackathons, networking-events, expert sessions and much more. Browse trough the calendar to find a Copenhagen Legal Tech event near you.

A physical hub in the heart of Copenhagen

Get access to our co-working space in Central Copenhagen. We offer young entrepreneurs and new initiatives a place to grow and explore synergies in collaboration with the greatest mind of this indiustry.

No desk

Get access to the Copenhagen Legal Tech Hub as a member without a desk:

  • Membership

  • Mentor programme

  • Investor-matchmaking

  • Partner-matchmaking

  • Events

DKK 417
/ Month + VAT
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Part Time Flex Desk

Get access to the Copenhagen Legal Tech Hub from time to time:

  • Membership

  • Flex desk

  • Conference room

  • Mentor programme

  • Investor-matchmaking

  • Partner-matchmaking

  • Events

DKK 1.650
/ Month + VAT
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Full Time Own Desk

Get access to the Copenhagen Legal Tech Hub always and all the time:

  • Membership

  • Own desk

  • Conference room

  • Mentor programme

  • Investor-matchmaking

  • Partner-matchmaking

  • Events

DKK 3.285
/ Month + VAT
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